Don Richardson is known as one of the winningest coaches that worked with kids in this area.

He passed away a couple of years ago... But his spirit still lives on in a basketball summer camp that happens every June.

The floor is named after the famous coach affectionately called Duck's court.

Richardson coached the Patriots for 21 years and earned many state titles with his teams.

This camp stresses the things that Richardson would have instilled in kids.

Coach Robert Worthy played under Richardson and now works with young talent himself.

"We want kids to get back to grass roots basketball in Macon and one of the things we're doing is getting back to fundamentals not so much emphasis on play, Worthy explained.The game has changed and many coaches have gotten away from fundamentals and put emphasis on running plays and things of that nature."

Worthy said this week they will take the campers out to a wall dedicated to Richardson and really show them what he was about.

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