William and Karen Giddings believe their daughter's accused killer visited his late grandfather's Pike County property a few days before allegedly murdering and dismembering Lauren Giddings.

Stephen McDaniel faces a murder charge in connection with Lauren Giddings' death. McDaniel and Giddings graduated from Mercer University law school a few days before Giddings was killed. They lived in adjacent apartments across from the law school.

McDaniel's grandfather, Hollis Browning, lived at 791 Dripping Rock Road near Molena. The 63-acre tract is called Browning Place.

In a federal lawsuit filed recently, the parents ask permission to search for their daughter's missing head, arms and legs on the property.

Browning Place has a house with trimmed lawn, a couple of pastures, a large wooded area and a lake.

Lauren Giddings' parents allege in the lawsuit that a surveillance video camera captured McDaniel looking at boat anchors at Wal-Mart, even though McDaniel didn't own a boat. The parents allege McDaniel looked at anchors as possible devices to submerge body parts.

The suit does not address whether the parents think McDaniel purchased anchors.

Jill Pritts brought her adjoining Pike County property from Hollis Browning. She enjoys her place and its surrounding scenery. She's also familiar with the lake on Browning Place.

"It's all beautiful woods," Pritts said. "It's all gorgeous."

"And he's got a pond over there as well. It's real murky. You can't see, it's not clear. It should be full right now with the rain. It's not that deep."

Pritts said Browning was a friendly person who let folks hunt on his property before he died. Since then, Pritt said, no one is allowed on Browning Place.

A trial date hasn't been set for William and Karen Giddings' lawsuit.