A man who pleaded guilty in Macon murder case now wants to withdraw his guilty plea.

He is 19-year-old Michael Brett Kelly, who pleaded guilty last month in the killing of legal secretary Gail Spencer.

Now he's filed a motion asking to take it back, saying he acted too hastily.

District Attorney David Cooke held a news conference to discuss that motion Wednesday.

Cooke says he will now pursue the death penalty against Kelly.

Kelly is one of four people accused of killing Gail Spencer in October.He is charged with murder and aggravated sodomy.

As part of the plea deal, he agreed to testify against co-defendant Tracy Michelle Jones, who faces the death penalty, and the other two defendants, Keith Dozier and Kelly's own sister Courtney.

Judge Howard Sims will hear Kelly's motion on Monday.

Investigators say all four were involved in an embezzlement scheme at the law firm of Macon attorney Calder Pinkston.

Spencer and Jones both worked at the law office.

Police say Spencer was suffocated with a garbage bag when she refused to cooperate.

Last month, Cooke said his office could still seek the death penalty against Kelly if he doesn't hold up his end of the guilty plea agreement.

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