The Ebenezer Seven Days Adventist Church in Milledgeville hosted a night of praise and worship that rallied quite a few football fans. That's because the guest speaker Friday night was former Falcon turned Philadelphia Eagle, Mike Vick. The theme for the service was, "I still have hope". The quarterback talked to the crowd about his faith and the lessons he's learned after serving time in prison for dog fighting charges.

Newly appointed Pastor John T Boston reached out to Vick so he could share his testimony with the people here in Central Georgia.

Boston adds, "He's coming to express that he did have hope. When a lot of people think that when he was incarcerated that there was just going to be a contract out there waiting on him, that wasn't the case. He needed somebody to come along aside him and let him know you're going to make it through this. And that's what we want his story to be tonight, we want people to know they have the same thing. We're to come along side you and help you get where you need to be."

Vick spoke for about 20 minutes to more than 3,000 people who attended tonight's service.

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