One couple with ties to Central Georgia was glad to hear about Wednesday's Supreme court decisions regarding gay marriage.

Laura and Rachel Cascada now live in Virginia, but we first met them last summer, when they said the Macon Telegraph refused to publish their wedding announcement because they're both women.

Eventually the paper did run their announcement in August, a day after their wedding ceremony.

We spoke with Laura Cascada by phone from Virginia, where the couple now lives.

At this time last year, she was known as Laura Wilson. Her fiance, a Macon native, was then Rachel Hussey. But the couple decided to change their last names.

"It's a little sad," said Laura,"knowing that we're not legally married here in Virginia, but we both changed our last name to the same name.It means waterfall in Spanish so it's kind of a way for us to start our new life together.Thatgave us some more recognition to the fact that we are married."

Laura said she was happy to see even a small step forward in the fight for marriage equality for all citizens.

"You know it's a natural thing for our society to progress, we've seen huge advancements in civil rights and women's rights and I think this is the next thing," said Laura.

"You know every big change, it takes time. There are places like Macon where people maybe aren't as open, which is why we had trouble placing our announcement last year. But there are big cities, there are places up north where this has just become accepted so I think it just takes time for the whole country to get on board."

Phone calls to the the Telegraph to find out what their policy is about same-sex wedding announcements were not returned.

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