The Byron Fire Department added six new firefighters to their rank because of the federal SAFER grant.

The grant allows them to pay for the salaries, benefits and more.

"The SAFER grant provides citizens of Byron, the grant that we were awarded were six full time firefighters. It pays their salaries, their benefits, their uniforms and anything that we need for those six firefighters for two years," said Kyle Murray, a firefighter.

18-year-old Joshua Kelley of Byron, is one of those new firefighter. He said he wanted to do what he is doing now since he was 7 years old.

"I decided I wanted to be a fireman at 7 years old. My brother was a volunteer. He was an explorer over at Houston County," said Kelley. "You know, he let me put on the gear, he let me see what it was all really about. It's just something you can't really describe. It's more or less something I wanted my whole life and finally I am getting to do it."

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