The International City is home to an international ballet talent.

Fourteen year-old Mackenzie Richter has a chance to attend one of the best ballet academies in the world.

"Mackenzie is a very special, talented girl," said Georne Aucoin, director of the International City School of Ballet. "She has a lot of natural ability, as well as a lot of passion and drive for what she does in her dancing."

Richter was the overall Youth America Grand Prix winner for the junior category at a competition in Atlanta in March.

"Once she competed and the director of [The Royal Ballet Academy] saw her, he offered her a scholarship to come to their school this fall," said Aucoin.

Richter's training has come with its share of "tough love" from Aucoin. Those lessons, albeit difficult, have put her on course for greatness.

Her journey will require some sacrifices, namely, leaving home.

"I know that when I leave I'm going to miss all my friends," said Richter. "But I know it's a really great opportunity, and Royal Ballet is my dream school. I've always wanted to go there. I know that I'm going to get better when I go there."

Recently, Richter took the silver medal for 14-17 year-old females at the World Ballet Competition in Orlando.Aucoin says Mackenzie will enter in to "a couple" more international competitions this summer.

The young ballet artist will then receive a scholarship to attend the Royal Ballet School in October for two weeks. Royal Ballet only accepts students full-time students of 16 years and older.

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