On Saturday, an organization called 'Angels Hosting Angels' will host a Pre-Fourth of July Celebration for those facing homelessness in Macon. Mary Diaz is the group's leader, but to the people she serves, she's "Mama."

13WMAZwent out with Diaz on a mission to spread the word about the event, but the day quickly turned into a search for someone special.

Diaz called her friends in the homeless community her "babies".

She has lots of babies, and she tries to keep in touch with them, but there's one she can't seem to get a hold of.

That's a man named Marcus. And as she finds out, nobody in the neighborhood has seen him either.

"I've been serving him for years. One Saturday, I came down on the streets and he was laying out. I took him home with me, " said Diaz.

If Marcus doesn't come to Saturday's celebration, Diaz says that's a sign that something is very wrong. But she holds out hope he'll be there toenjoy the daywith the rest of the extended family.

Theevent will be at 154 Broadway in Macon, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.