The Macon Police Department's internal affairs department is investigating Sgt. Jeremy Malone over photos posted on Instagram last year.

The photos were posted around sixmonths ago by a woman with the username "Jessica4593."

One shows Macon Police Sgt. Malone on his knees pretending to be handcuffed while a woman poses with a nightstick.

Another shows the woman in cuffs with her face down on a Macon police squad car.

A third, with the caption "hanging out at the MPD at 5 a.m.," shows the woman wearing Malone's police jacket.

All of the pictures clearly show the Macon Police insignia.

After a viewer sent 13WMAZ the photos, we forwarded them to Macon Police for comment.

Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet said the department was unaware of the pictures, but they were sent immediately to his superiors, who took swift action.

She said Malone has been reassigned from Precinct 4 to a desk position while the case is investigated.

By email, Gaudet called the conduct shown in the photos "unbecoming of a MPD officer at any level whether on or off duty."

Gaudet says while it's impossible to "babysit" officers' personal social media accounts or those of their friends, when they are notified, they take these cases seriously.

The Macon Police Department has an official social media use policy, which Gaudet calls "reasonable and sound" and says is similar to social media rules at other employers.

Although the policy says employees have the right to use a personal Facebook, Twitter, or other social media site, officers "are public servants who are held to a higher standard than the general public with regard to standards of conduct and ethics."

Malone has been on the force for eight years, and has seven other reprimands in his disciplinary history including one for excessive force.

But there's no record of any complaints regarding social media.

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