State fish often get lost in the shadows of state nicknames, state birds and state flowers.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources andWildlife Forever... hosted an art contest to educate children and adults about their state's gilled representatives.

Dozens of artists from the US and Canada were selected for their artwork, depicting state fish in mediums of paint, illustration and the written word.

State Fish Art Curator Michael Fulghum spoke about the educational merit of each artist's work.

"They just love the competition and they also learn something," said Fulghum. "That's what our biggest goal is at Go Fish; for the children to learn something. And, they get to express themselves through their art."

Fulghum is the assistant curator at Perry's Go Fish education center in Perry, Ga.

Artists K-12 were allowed to enter works to the contest.

This is the fifteenth year of Wildlife Forever's state fish art competition.