MILLEDGEVILLE, GA-- Over 80 golfers visited Milledgeville Country Club last weekend for the Georgia State Amputee Golf Tournament. Among those was Alabama adaptive golf head coach Ford Burttram.

The Crimson Tide are the first in the nation to field an adaptive golf team.

"Title 11 that was passed, which is the same as Title 9 for women's collegiate athletics, any school receiving federal funding has to start having an adaptive program," explained Burttram. "The University of Alabama has got the most in the nation."

Bama has adaptive programs for men and women's basketball, wheelchair tennis, golf and rowing.

Currently, Burttram is pulling players from the basketball team on to the course.

"Basketball you've got five wheels on your chair," said Burttram. "So you're not really flipping over backwards very much. Out here on the golf course, you only have four wheels on your chair so your balance front to back, you going up and down hills it's tough.

"A bunch of our athletes have been in chairs or have a different type of disability, we have some amputees that play, but have never hit a golf ball before. So, you have to develop their golf knowledge."

Alabama may be the first, but Burttram hopes adaptive golf catches on in the area.

"It would be nice not to have to travel so far to play, because golf you can't play 5 or 6 rounds in two days.It would be nice to have some other schools in the SEC develop programs or just in the southeast."

You can find out more about the Alabama adapted athletic program here.

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