The Warner Robins police department may be welcoming a new vehicle to their team and it's an armored one.

City council members approved the purchase of the new $250,000 all terrain vehicle.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet explains why the police department saysthe city needs one.

"It's difficult at times not knowing who's going to be shooting back." explains Chief Brett Evans.

That's something Warner Robins police officers, who responded to an active shooting situation last month off Peach Blossom Road, know all too well.

Each orange flag in these pictures represent a bullet hole in this squad car. Chief Evans says although officers wear a protective vest, it's not enough. "We call them bullet proof, but the bullet proof-ness is really dependent on what the bullet is."

That's why they're asking the city for this,a Lenco Bearcat G-3, or an all terrain armored response vehicle. "A vehicle like this is designed to be bullet proof up to a certain caliber and then bullet resistant beyond that," says Evans.

He says this will help keep his officers safe. "If you have a situation where the officers come under fire, sometimes they're put into a situation where they're not able to get back to their vehicles, retreat or find cover. This particular vehicle allows us to initiate a response where we can get there with the vehicle and retrieve the employees back."

Evans says the Lenco Bearcat won't just come in handy in a stand-off, they'll also take it with them when they're serving a high risk search warrant. "High risk meaning we're going to hit a house that we know is involved with narcotics and one or more of the people are known to be armed at the time," explains Evans.

He says although $250,000 sounds like a lot,it's worth it if it saves a life.

Evans is hopeful they'll get a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to help pay for the vehicle.

Council will vote on financing for theBearcat at their next council meeting.

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