The Houston County Fire Department responded to a house fire at 217 Ellicott Drive in Warner Robins.

They received the call at 11:20 Tuesday morning and arrived shortly after. After getting to the house, firefighters said the roof caved in minutes later.

The homeowners were not in the house when the flames started around 11:30 Tuesday morning.

Once everyone was accounted for, two friends started to look for Lexi and Lucy.

"The house was on fire and we just look back there and the two dogs were sitting by the fence," says Tyler Gwynn.

"We see them running around, and one of them was trying to run back into the house," added Stephan Rome.

That's when they rushed to the back of the house and carried the two dogs to safety.

Gwynn and Rome dropped the dogs off at neighbor's house two doors down from the fire.

The fire department called the house a total loss. They said the flames made the house too hot for them to enter and fight the fire inside, so they used a deck gun until they could go inside.

20 fire fighters were on scene, a combination of paid and volunteer responders.

The Houston County Fire Department Explorers were also there. They are a group ofteens from 14-20 years old, learning about the fire department and helping with the rehabilitation of victims of fires.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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