People in Juliette don't have county water.

They rely on wells.

Now, the county does own a water treatment plant in Juliette but the catch is, people don't see a drop of that water.

Ground water is contaminated with varying levels of radium and uranium and needs to be tested every year.

"If it was not dangerous they wouldn't tell me to continue to test it," says Greg Elrod, who has lived off Dames Ferry Road for the last 14 years.

The County's solution was to spend more than $750,000 to buy and renovate Plant Camelia, a water treatment plant in Juliette.

That was five years ago.

"It comes down to the voting members of the board and what they decide. The commission has used water money more so to get votes than deliver the services that we needed to deliver to the citizens," says Monroe County Commission Chairman Mike Bilderback.

Bilderback has been a strong advocate for clean water in Juliette.

"Our board has failed them in the past. We had the money to renovate the plant, but we redirected those plans to other areas," he says.

Plant Camelia is now so outdated that Bilderback reasons the next step should be to build a new plant.

But there's another temporary solution.

The commissioners were given a grant a month ago to run water down Pea Ridge Road, up Taylor Road to Highway 87 and Christian Road.

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