MACON-- Five days of fall camp are behind the Mercer Bears football team. Tuesday, the Bears focused on meetings and weight lifting.

The first two practices of the season were in just helmets. Mercer then went to shells, helmets and shoulder pads, for two days. Monday was they first day they were in full pads.

"It was a good difference," said running back Caleb Brown, "Believe it or not, that stuff kind of weights a lot. Once you get use to running around in shorts all summer, and you put on some pads, it's a little difficult, but we got through it. And it actually was a pretty productive practice."

"Shells,you can thud and everything," explained tight end Grant Radakovich, "But you know for the defense it's tackling in full pads, and that's important for them to get fit up, not just fit up but finish the tackle."

The Bears are still working in 34 new players. Coach Lamb described them as cautious on the first day, but says they are getting better.

The staff is focused on tailoring their game-plain to the players they have on the field.

"The bottom line is we've got to take the young men that we've got on this campus right now and create an identity and create an offense and a defensive scheme that fits our personnel," said Lamb.

"You know we're a 3-4 defense. I think everybody knows that. We're going to run the pistol out of the offense on the offensive side of the ball. We're going to take the talent we have at the skill position and certainly try to get the ball to those guys in different ways. So it's a very multiple offense and a multiple defense, but you've got to cater to what you have right now."

Mercer starts two-a-days on Wednesday.