The Bibb Board of Elections has scheduled a hearing to discuss whether consolidated commission candidate Al Tillman lives in District 9.

Macon Councilman Henry Gibson filed the complaint last week.

He says Tillman moved into Heaton Place Apartments, across Bloomfield Road, only 200 yards from his own home just so he could challenge James Timley for the seat.

Board of Elections member Ronnie Miley said Thursday an open meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 20, at 10 theboard offices.

According to Vice Chairman Steve Allen, Henry Gibson and Al Tillman will both have an opportunity to present their cases. The five member board will then vote on the matter.

Tillman has previously said, he followed all the necessary procedures to be an official candidate. He also called the complaint a distraction.

James Timley has commented that he believes Tillman moved into District 9 because he didn't feel comfortable facing off against the candidates running in District 8.