The Bibb County Board of Education votedThursday nightto fill new positions within the school district, including Deputy Superintendent of School Improvement and Redesign.

That position went to Sylvia Hooke. She will assume the position Suzanne Griffin-Ziebart held before she served several months as acting superintendentuntil interim Steve Smith took the reigns.

Other jobs filled included the Executive Director of Capital Programs; the Director of Assessment, Accountability, Evaluation, and Research; and the Executive Director of Technology. Bibb School board member, Tom Hudson, votedagainst two of those hires, the Director of Assessment, Accountability, Evaluation and Research and the Executive Director of Technology. He was the only nay vote.

"This is important aswe bring together this team, and it's also important as we begin to move forward on our five year facility study," said Wanda West, the Board President.

Board membersalso approved a range of contracts from advanced disposal to food product contracts.

Interim Superintendent Steve Smith also brought information to the board about charter schools. Smith says two charter schools, Macon International Charter Academy and the Academy for Classical Education, will make a presentation at the next meeting on September 19th.

A third charter school, Cirrus Education Group Inc., which wants to establish Cirrus Academy Charter School, will present to the state, not Bibb County School board. That's becauseadministrators want proposed attendance state wide.

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