MACON - The Vikings are entering their fourth season in GHSA after making the leap from GISA, still looking to earn their legacy on the gridiron.

Coach Greg Moore and his squad anxious to get back on the field and compete after a 7-5 season that placed them in the second round of the state playoffs. Ten starters are coming back, five on both sides of the ball complemented with 12 seniors is a recipe full of experience for another possible playoff run.

Senior captain and linebacker, Will Black explains, "I feel like we've made a name for ourselves after how far we made it to the playoffs last year and the year before that. So I feel we are starting to make a name for ourselves and we're starting to get respect from other schools in the GHSA."

Moore adds, "Like good cooking we got a good taste of it and we want some more because it was good. Because of that it's easy to get to work and what you want down the road because guys are excited about it."

The Vikings open up the season with a special field dedication along with some remodeling at their home stadium, August 30th against George Walton.

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