A Macon woman accused state Sen. David Lucas of assaulting her son.

According to an incident report from the Bibb County Sheriff's Department, Kinya Miller said it happened Wednesday night at the Lakeview Club Apartments.

She said it started with her 16-year-old son, Chandler King, exchanging words with Lucas's son, Lenny Lucas.

Miller claimed David Lucas then walked up and started choking her 14-year-old son, Chase, by the throat.

Miller's mother, Terry Tripp, is running against David Lucas's wife, Elaine Lucas, for the District 3 seat on the new consolidated Bibb County commission.

"We don't know what the motivations for these incidents are and we don't know the motivation for why Miss Miller if she is related to the other candidate why she's is at another candidate, opponents campaign event so we are not interested in all that," said Sheriff David Davis. "We are only interested in the facts of the incident of some type of physical altercation took place and that's where we are concentrating our efforts on. All that other is really just static and it's extraneous to what are investigation concerns itself with."

The incident report says the case is being investigated as a simple battery.

13WMAZ's Austin Lewis visited Lucas at his Forsyth Street office; he declined comment on the case.

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