Macon Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, a candidate for the District 3 commission seat, called a mixup over election districts a scary situation.

"It really is disturbing to me to learn that there were that many people who had already cast a ballot," Lucas said. "I've talked with several who had intended to vote for me. But they voted in another district thinking they lived in a different district."

Lucas noted that elections have been won or lost by one vote and that she'll do everything possible "to protect the voting rights of people in District 3."

Terry Tripp, the other District 3 hopeful, called the glitch and honest mistake and that she didn't think it would alter the outcome of the election.

If the election is decided by 20 votes or less, Tripp said the glitch might concern her, otherwise it won't.

The Macon-Bibb elections are scheduled for Sept. 17.

Elections Supervisor Jeanetta Watson saidFriday the 17 voters who voted inDistrict 2 instead of District 3 won't be allowed to vote again.

State election lawsprohibit that, Watson said

The problem surfaced earlier this week when some District 2 candidates notified election officials that some people who live in District 3 received voter cards in the mail that said they live in District 2.

After checking into it, Watson said officials learned 788 District 3 peoplehad received District 2 cards. They also learned that17 of the 788 had voted early.

She says Macon-Bibb elections officials believe problems over voting district have been corrected.

Once the problems were verified, Watson said local officialsnotified the Secretary of State office about the mixup.She said officials corrected the problem.

Watson said her office doesn't know of any other problems, but continues to monitor the situation and will correct any errors as soon as they're discovered.

Elections board member Ronnie Miley said the five-member board plans to discuss the situation and determine what should be done as soon as possible.

Miley said the board has notified its attorney, Virgil Adams, about the problem and is awaiting to hear from him.

"We have not at this particular point scheduled a meeting," Miley said. "We have not received directions for the attorney, but we know that we will be and that's what we're waiting on."

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