A major part of sporting events is the tailgating and pregame social activities. At Mercer Saturday, parents, students and alumni were out in full force.

According to one tailgater, the key to perfect tailgating is simple. "We got pork shoulders, we've got ribs, we've got sausage, got a little pork skin going on there, 'course we got potato salad, cole slaw," said Frank Pendergast. '

Homemade cornhole games were also popular. Different fraternities and athletic teams designed their own.

"We made some corn hole boards this summer. Just so we could be the spotlight of the tailgate. Everyone loves them," said Matt Meeder, a freshman.

Vice President of the Student Government Association, Melina Hettiaratchi, said it's great seeing Mercer history in action.

"It's actually beautiful to me. There's so much Mercer orange in the air. And you can tell how proud people are to be here today," said the junior.

For some people like Roy Hattaway, Saturday isn't just about the food and games. It's about family.

"My son's gonna be playing. He's number 40 Seth Hattaway. But he's also here playing with his best friend. They grew up playing football together," he said.

Mercer football plans to bear down, coming away with the W, and maybe later they can grab a hot dog or two.

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