Students at Northeast High School got hands-on training in driving safety.

The Children's Hospital along with the Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute hosted a rollover simulation event to inform students on the effects of driving carelessly, and the importance of buckling up when riding in a vehicle. They were shown a rollover truck simulation with dummies inside, that were not wearing a seatbelt.

"Teen drivers are our most vulnerable drivers; they're our newest drivers by tradition because they are inexperienced. Today we are trying to show them how important it is not to do things like text and drive, how drinking and driving can impair your driving, and how not wearing your seatbelt can toss you out of a car." says Director of Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Harris Blackwood.

The event also included several activities with the use of vision impairment goggles, to simulate being under the influence. They played a game of bean bag toss, and tried to unlock a door while wearing the vision impairment goggles.

Students that were able to take the driving course were given the challenge of staying in the boundaries of the course without knocking any cones over.

"I knocked over three cones." says Northeast High School student Devondrae Little.

"Driving drunk, you shouldn't do it. It is really difficult; it messes up your vision. Just don't do it, I say don't do it at all. I wouldn't ever drive drunk." says Northeast High School student Tamara Floyd.

Students were also given the chance to text while driving.

The highway safety events will continue through Wednesday, ending with a public Child Passenger Safety check event from 1:30-3:30 pm, at the Northway Church on Zebulon road in Macon.

Parents can stop in and have experts inspect their car seats to make sure they are properly installed, and that their kids are riding safely.

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