Students at Bloomfield Middle School got the chance to fly high and dive into the deep blue.

Adopt a Role Model teamed up with Communities and Schools to bring in volunteers to talk about their different professions. Some of the careers present were a scuba diver, an assistant district attorney and a pilot.

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the different careers and learn about what steps it takes to get there.

"The thing is to focus on what you want to do, and continue to get there. Accept the detours, but stay focused. That's what we're trying to teach them," says Delta Airline Pilot, Ernest Taylor.

"I learned to not give up on your dreams and if there is something you wantwork hard and do the things that you need todo to acheive it," says Bloomfield Middle School Student, Cindora Tillman.

After the speakers were done, students recieveda pin that was a set of wings to symbolize flying and staying on the path ahead.

Two lucky students were chosen at random to recieve a dream flight. During this flight they will be able to visit the cockpit and see what goes on while the plane is in motion.

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