To report voting problems to the Georgia Secretary of State's office, you can call (404) 656-2871.

A spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State's office says, as far as they can tell, Bibb County's election is going smoothly.

By noon, spokesman Jared Thomas said, they've gotten just one formal complaint.

His office has four investigators circulating among Bibb County's polling places and so far see no "widespread" voting errors.

But several viewers told 13WMAZ about problems they experienced or witnessed at the polls today.

People voting in at least two polling places reported getting ballots for the wrong districts. As of noon, Thomas said he was unaware of those problems.

Voters are choosing a Mayor and nine Commissioners in the first election for a consolidated Macon-Bibb government.

Last week, the Bibb County Board of Elections reported that they placed more than 1,000 voters on rolls for the wrong district. At least 90 people cast ballots on the wrong races during early voting, they said.

Today, some voters reported confusion at the Hepzibah Children's Home, off Zebulon Road. Some voters who were previously told they were in commission District 4 were given District 6 ballots.

One voter told 13WMAZ that he'd been there 30 to 45 minutes and hadn't voted yet.

He said poll workers appeared confused and were making calls to election officials trying to figure out the problem.

He said he believed that some people cast incorrect ballots before the errors were discovered.

Problems also surfaced across town at Ingleside United Methodist Church.

Some people who vote there previously received voting cards stating they were in county district 5, then letters saying they were actually in 9.

One woman who lives on DeSoto Place, on the line between the two districts, says Tuesday morning she was given the ballot listing the District 5 race. When she notified poll workers, she said, they fixed the problem by hand and gave her the proper ballot, District 9.

She said a neighbor told her he also got the wrong ballot, but cast his vote in the wrong race anyway.

At other polling places, it looked like a routine election day. At Vineville Academy, there were more poll workers than voters -- five -- just after 7 a.m.

One voter told us he cast his ballot in less than 5 minutes.

13WMAZ's Kenny Burgamy reported from the polling place at Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church early this morning. Voting there was going smoothly. At 11 a.m. a voter there said there was no waiting line.

Last week, elections supervisor Jeanetta Watson said she believed her staff had the errors under control and that Election Day would go smoothly. She did not return our phone calls Tuesday morning.

Check back for updates throughout Election Day.

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