Houston County's Nola Brantley Library in Warner Robins is about to move, again.

The stacks moved across the street to a vacant building last year, during a $2 million renovation of the existing building.

Commissioners plan to welcome the public back in late October.

Houston County Commission Chair Tommy Stalnaker likes what he sees of the new Nola Brantley Library on Watson Boulevard.

He gave us a sneak peek ahead of the planned October opening, saying, "It hadn't been renovated in 20-plus years."

Commissioner Larry Thomson remembers the way it was, before the renovation.

Thomson said, "It was old, had dark yellow paint on the walls. Dusty moldy, carpet was terrible. So dark you couldn't hardly see. You had a very small children's area, no teen room."

Workers started gutting the building last winter.

$2 million in SPLOST dollars later, it's ready.

Stalnaker said, "We added 5,000 square feet to the building in addition to what it used to be."

It's now about 25,000 square feet.

Most noticeably, what was the front of the library facing Watson Boulevard, is now the back. The back of the building is now front.

Thomson people who have toured the building have said, "This is not the same building."

The children's area is much larger, sectioned off from the main library. Low counters cater to kid-size customers.

There's a room specifically for teens, a history area, meeting room and 36 new computer stations.

Stalnaker said it offers energy efficiency not found in the previous building.

He said, "The HVAC was totally inadequate, used an awful lot of electricity, lighting was the same way."

Cameras will monitor the entire space, and a circulation desk near the entrance will allow staff to see who's coming in and out of the new Nola Brantley Library.

Stalnaker says the county plans a $2.8 million renovation for the Perry library. He expects that to be complete in 2014.

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