According to Coroner Leon Jones seven Bibb County pedestrians have died this year after being hit by vehicles.

The latest happened Tuesday morning.

"Apparently he was walking down Gray Highway. He has dark clothing, the area where the gentleman was walking is very dark, on Gray Highway between Walmart and Woodlawn Drive and this young lady hit him," said Jones.

Deputy Greg Thomas with the Bibb County Sheriffs Office said that if you know you'll be walking home late at night there are some things you can do to prepare.

"Alot of your sports-oriented stores sell reflective clothing, vests, hats, shoes, lights," he said. "Get something that is reflective that will let you be seen better by the drivers. It works out better for everybody."

It's also important to follow the traffic signals.

"With the traffic signals and the crosswalk signals, they're there for our benefit. Pay attention to them and use them as they're set," said Thomas.

Drivers also must be vigilant. "Leave the radio alone, cell phones, the other distractions, and pay attention to what you are doing," added Thomas.

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