A move could be in the works for Bibb County Schools headquarters.

Board members are conducting a feasibility study considering leasing out that site and moving offices to the Hutchings Career Center where a little more than 300 vocational and technical students attend school.

Hutchings is next to the school system's Welcome Center.
"And moving the Hutchings Career Center over to the Promise Center would be a direct connection to the Central Georgia Technical Colleges. And so we can actually form a closer partnership with them, and it would be more convenient for all of our students," said Lester Miller, school board member.

The Promise Center is where Ballard Hudson used to stand, off Anthony Road. The board leased part of it out for $5.7 million through 2023.

"We haven't really developed a use for the portion that the board is supposed to be using, so I think there's going tobe some discussions with the owners of that property to see if we can get enough space there to house the Hutchings Center as well as the possibility of using a little additional space there in a co-op with the Central Georgia Technical College," said Miller.

School board president Wanda West saidthis is a perfect time to stop and look at what's next because of the upcomingfive- year facilities plan.

"Any thoughts of moving anything, you have to look at student projections, possibility of programs, overall designs, incorporation with looking at what facilities must close, what facilities do we need to build," she said.

The downtown Macon building has an assessed value of around $16 million. The board bought it for $4.9 million in 1993.Interim Superintendent Steve Smith said he hopes the board will decide by December on whether to move office space.

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