13WMAZ went to a couple of restaurants near Robins Air Force Base around lunchtime Monday to find out what people think about the partial government shutdown.

Many connected with the base declined to go on camera, because of their jobs.

But 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet found a few who spoke their minds.

"I'm frustrated because if they don't get this budget fixed, my husband doesn't get paid come the fifteenth of the month and we might not be able to pay bills," says Rebecca Murray.

Murray's husband has been a member of the military for 24 years. He'll get his Oct. 1 paycheck no matter what, the mid-month check could be in question if things drag on.

Murray says the threat of a partial shutdown isn't fair. "The people who are supposed to be making the decisions will still get paid even though they've haven't done their job, and the people that are doing their job won't get paid."

But Gina Carlton, an employee at Robins Air Force Base, says she's hoping for a shutdown. "I think we need to have the shutdown so we can say, look we all have to do hard work here and this kind of hopefully will force Congress and the President to really do some hard work instead of just putting band aids on the problem."

Lennox Gravesande says it shouldn't come down to this. "The guys up there are always saying they're fighting for the little guys, they get their checks, they have their healthcare the little guys just have to get what they send to us and I don't think that's right." And his wife agrees.

"You're working for us, we put you there and we're asking that you just come together and do for the good of the people," says Faye Gravesande.

He says, "This is America we shouldn't be fighting like this, Congress, the President that's why we put them up there to work together and if they can't the public should vote some of them out, vote all of them out."

"It will affect my family as well, but I'd rather have some short term pain if we can get to some long term answers," says Carlton.

Murray says, "We're constantly having to live in this last minute crisis, and I just wish they'd be adults and solve the problems."

Robins Air Force Base says 4,000 civilian employees will be furloughed. The base says those people should report to work Tuesday morning to get instructions.