Wesleyan College soccer is cruising this season.

The Pioneers are 7-2 off of a win over Toccoa Falls College on Tuesday night. But the Pioneers' most recent win held extra significance.

Players wore red jerseys in Wesleyan's second annual Kick ALS night, to raise awareness for the disease. Head coach, Ciaran Traquair, also wanted to raise funds in this year's campaign.

"It went quite well [last year], but we didn't try to raise money," said Traquair.

"It was more of an awareness event. This year we felt with the players that we had in the local community, lets try to raise money. Let's try to get more people out here, let's raise awareness the way it's supposed to be done. And this is the result."

Wesleyan has raised over $1,700 through an online auction of the team's red jerseys.

That money will be donated to the Georgia chapter of the ALS Association.

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