October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Southwest Laurens Elementary School, one of their own, second grade teacher Sandra Dykes, is battling that type of cancer.

Everyone at the school -students, teachers, and faculty -had on pink in honor of Mrs. Dykes.

"There is not a student here that doesn't know Miss Dykes, that wasn't impacted by Miss Dykes. She is one of those that's just loved by students," said Kelland Waldrep, principal at Southwest Laurens Elementary.

Dykes' grandson, Luc Bennett, is a second grader at Southwest Laurens Elementary.

"It makes me happy because everybody in second grade loves my Nana," said Luc Bennett.

And Dykes' daughter, Dee Bennett, is also a teacher at Southwest Laurens, and she said the amount of support from her school community helps her mother keep going.

"To keep the fight of breast cancer even at your weakest points when you know, when you have people that are supporting you, it makes it a lot easier to keep pressing forward," said Dee Bennett.

Her daughter says Sandra Dykes has written a book called "A Pink Ribbon for Mrs. Dykes." It tells the story of how a teacher explains to her class that she has cancer. She hopes to release it by Christmas.

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