For the first time a Bibb County school held what it calls holiday school.

At Hartley Elementary in Macon, some students spent their fall break in class.Fifth grade teacher Anitha McKenzie said students often forget what they learn during vacation.

"And I think this is a great opportunity for our students to not lose some of those skills and things that they have learned since school has started," said McKenzie.

Ta' Zheara Butts, 10,wants to brush up on her math skills and improve her CRCT scores.

"InMath we were learning about different operations, subtraction, addition, multiplication and division," said Butts.

Thefifth grade class usually has 25 students but holiday school allows for smaller class sizes. Something Butts and McKenzie said makes a difference.

"It's nice to have nine students because you can give a little more individualized attention to those students that need it," said McKenzie.

"We could do more than we could do in a big group, because in a big group she has to go around to everybody," said Butts.

If Butts wasn't at school she'd be home studying math anyways. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and said getting better at math helps with measurements and money.

The holiday school program is funded by the School Improvement Grant. Principal Sheila Garcia saidthe school was awarded$3 millionthis year. More than 100 kids signed up but she said55 attended.

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