Barking should have kept intruders out.

"We'd think no one would want to come in here with all the barking dogs, so we never worried about security," Mary Crawford, All About Animals shelter director, said.

Now they have to, after someone broke into the shelter on Wednesday night.

"We have tops on the kennels and chains around the bottom, and those were on the ground," Crawford said.

The shelter staff suspects it was to get the dogs to fight.

Three dogs were killed and at least 15 more had serious bites and puncture wounds, after intruders let 25 dogs, from what they call "bully breeds," out of their kennels.

"There was fighting going on," Crawford said.

Macon police suspect someone crawled through a gap in the fence, where there's a large enough space under the barbed wire to enter through.

Investigators spent part of the afternoon dusting for fingerprints but would not share further details.

Meanwhile, the community is rallying together.

"$25a month to donate to this organization for one year to cover their monitoring fees. To prevent this kind of incident from happening again in the future," David Sheppard said.

Many people stopped by the shelter Friday to donate supplies like blankets, dog food, and bandages.

But one woman says much more needs to be done, to protect these dogs.

"The fences should be more secure, and I think they should have security cameras, locks on all the cages," Ashley Fisher said.

All of that is happening.

"A-Com offered a security system, and someone offered to pay the first year's rates on it," Crawford said.

The only home these dogs have needs to be guarded, too.

To donate to the shelter, you can pay through PayPal or stop by 101 Riverside Drive.

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