The world's most colorful 5k made it's wayto Central Ga.

'Run or Dye' teamed up with the charity organization 'Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Heart of Georgia' to put on a 5k race like no other.

Runners started fresh at the starting line, but ended with more than just sweat on them. Whilethey ran, dye stationsshowered them with colors as they made their way to the finish line.

Participantscould run through the course as many times as they wanted just in case they wanted to add a little more color to their life.

The race, at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport, made its way toMacondue to the high number of pre-registered participants.

Despite the cold many people, young and old, didn't mind coming out and showing their support for a good cause, and also having a little fun.

The event ended with a big dance party. Audience members were given individual packs of dye, and when the countdown hitone, they threw them in the air creating a colorful rainbow showering over everyone.

'Run or Dye' hopes to return to Macon next year this time with even more participants.

"Come party with us next time you see us in your town. Come live life in full color and let us spread love to you," says Colin Carson of Run or Dye.

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