Early voting is one for the books in the state of Georgia.

If you want a say in one of the sixty-plus races to be decided in our viewing area Tuesday, you'll have to cast your ballot at your polling place.

In Warner Robins Friday, some were concerned that turnout on the last day of early voting would be bogged down by soggy weather, but as 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet found out, that wasn't the case at all.

The weather didn't keep voters away from the polls.

"I wanted to go ahead and go early vote because I wasn't sure how long the crowds would be and just to make sure my vote is in and counted for," explains Sherie Jefferson.

"We wanted to avoid the crowds coming up on Tuesday, and we really felt this was an important election and we need to vote," says Daryl and Cecil Robertson.

They say the fact that so many people braved the rain to cast their vote just shows the town's interest in the election.

"We have a lot of candidates for mayor so it's really important, because each little vote could determine who's in the runoff, " says Robertson.

Early voting was a family affair for Jefferson. She brought her daughters and her mother.

"I wanted them to get the experience of how we go in and vote since we talk about it everyday at home and since we didn't get to vote a long time ago and now we're able to vote."

Everyone we spoke with said the voting process was easy and fast.

Municipal Elections Superintendent, Kathy Cummings, says that's because they're using a new voting system.

The city even set a new record over 2400 people early voted, not including absentee ballots.

"In the last mayoral election the total early voting was 1248," says Cummings.

Early voting is closed now. Election day is Tuesday, November 5th.

There are six candidates running for mayor of the city, they include Mike Brashear, Chuck Chalk, Eva Folse, Daron Lee, Joe Musselwhite, and Randy Toms.

Current Mayor Chuck Shaheen is running for one of the council posts up for grabs.

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