In Milledgeville current Mayor Richard Bentley beat former mayor John Grant.

The unofficial results show 880 people voted for Bentley, and 259 for Grant.

Bentley has been the mayor for eight years. He said it's very humbling and that there's still work to be done. His first priority is to create jobs.

"We have been effected disproportionately by the recession with the state losses that we've suffered and the manufacturing losses that we've had," saidBentley. "Secondly we want to be creative in doing that and we are gonna have to re-invent ourselves and re-direct our effortsin order to do that," he said.

Bentley saidhis third priority is to be looked at by peer cities as being progressive and innovative in creating those jobs.

Mayoral candidate Grant said that when he got the results he was disappointed but not surprised because he didn't campaign at peoples homes. He is, however,happy that he made an impacton some people.

Only 20 percent of the 5,917 registered Milledgeville voters came out.

Grant and Bentley agree that's too low.

"Those that don't vote don't have any reason to complain about what kind of treatment they get, if they don't voice their opinion as voters, then they get just what they deserve," said Grant.

Although Grant didn't come out on top, he said he'll still do whatever he can to help the community.

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