The call came around 7:30 Tuesday night. That's when Robert Evans found out his childhood home was ablaze.

"Yeah, it makes me angry. It definitely makes me angry," Evans said.

The house was built in 1960 and was being used by his older sister until two months ago. That's when the house caught on fire for the first time.

Macon-Bibb Fire Department Investigator Steven Wessen says firefighters extinguished the fire within minutes.

"It was contained pretty quickly. I would say probably within ten minutes of arriving. I know they didn't go in because of some structural issues with the house, but they went into a defensive mode and extinguished the fire."

Though investigators haven't determined the cause of the fire, Evans is convinced it was set intentionally.

"All of a sudden for the house to just catch on fire, there was no lightning, no natural affect to cause the home to catch on fire. Someone set the house on fire," he said.

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