The two top candidates in the mayoral race, Randy Toms and Joe Musselwhite, are getting ready for the December 3rd runoff.

Toms grabbed the greatest number of votes with 24.6-percent. Musselwhite took 22.9-percent of the pie, with about 115 voters less than Toms.

Both men are Warner Robins natives. Both are career employees of the City of Warner Robins. They edged out the other four competitors.

Toms said, "I expected it be a close race, and it was."

Musselwhite said, "I was counting on the early voting."

That's what nudged Musselwhite into the runoff. He scored the most in that column of any candidate, taking 738 of about 2,600 absentee and early votes cast.

Musselwhite said, "It put me right where I needed to be."

Toms beat out Musselwhite in five of the six precincts open on Election Day. He said, "I think the people see in me, there's a leader that knows how to bring people back together."

Toms picked-up endorsements after the election from Chuck Chalk and Mike Brashear. Both men also ran in the mayoral race, but did not make the runoff.

In the coming weeks, Toms wants people to hear about his history with the Warner Robins fire department, as a company officer on a truck and shift commander leading teams of twenty or more.

Tom said, "The biggest thing about managing people is that nobody can manage 500 people. You do what Warner Robins has done. We have city department leaders. That's the leadership style I bring."

Musselwhite says he was one of those department leaders for nearly 20 years, managing 90 employees and the public works department's multi-million-dollar budget. He said, "There's just a lot more to it, than what I've been able to get out this campaign, so far as to what my qualifications really are."

Musselwhite says city contracts need to be reviewed for cost savings. Attracting jobs and hiring police also top his list.

He said, "I don't want credit for anything. I just want to help the community."

Toms argues he is the best person to do that. He said, "I think I can do it better. I think I have the ability to stand in front of any size crowd and get the message across."

The candidate with the message that resonates most with voters will be Warner Robins' mayor come January.

About 6,600 people cast ballots in the election. That's only a fifth of Warner Robins active, registered voters.

However, more people voted in this election than in 2011 or 2009.

The runoff election is Tuesday, December 3rd.

In the Post 1 race, incumbent Mike Daley faces a runoff with current mayor Chuck Shaheen.

Shaheen narrowly missed winning the race outright, with about 49-percent of the vote.

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