Ms. Tina Wall of Baldwin High School was speechless when we surprised her with this week's My Teacher is Tops Award.

"I'm shocked," Wall said. "I'm very shocked. I never expected this."

Ms. Wall has been teaching kids with special needs for 12 years, something she says is both challenging and rewarding.

"There are days I don't want to come back tomorrow, but you keep doing it, and things like this make it all worthwhile," Wall said.

She says this is the first time she's gotten a letter from a parent thanking her and nominating her for an award like this.

The staff who work with Ms. Wall say she's valuable to the school and to them.

Principal Jessica Swain said, "I think this is an exciting time to celebrate a very good teacher here at Baldwin High School."

Melinda Davis works with Ms. Wall and the special needs students, as well.

"[Ms. Wall] loves the special needs kids," Davis said. "She always takes care of them."

These kids have special needs, and they have a special teacher too.

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