Kroger is recalling some of the cakes it makes in-store because of an undeclared allergen. The recall is for stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Eastern Tennessee.

People with an allergy to pecans could have "a serious or life-threatening reaction" if they eat a Mardi Gras King Cake Cinnamon, according to a news release.

Pecans were not listed on the label for those cakespurchased between December 30, 2012 andFebruary 4, 2013

Customers who purchased the cakes during that time are urged to return it to stores for "a full refund or replacement." The company has removed the "affected items" from shelves and alerted customers via receipt messages and phone calls.

For those without a pecan allergy, there is no other known safety issue.

Full item description:

Bakery Mardi Gras King Cake Cinnamon, in-store made, with "sell by" dates of February 7, 2013 and before, under the following UPC Code: 4157327767.

Anyone with questions about the recall can call Kroger at 1-800-576-4377, or can get more information, please visit

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