National Weather Service started to survey the damage from Monday's storm in Central Georgia. One of the places that they will look at damage is off of Springhill road in Wheeler County.

The National Weather Service confirms that three weak tornadoes hit the Central Georgia Monday -- one of them at that spot in Wheeler.

13WMAZ went to Prescott White farms to see the damage and talk to the owners. Peggy Underwood said they were in Macon when the storm hit, but came back and saw the damage.

"We had received a phone call telling us that there had been some wind damage and the house was okay, but we still could not imagine how bad it was until we drove up and saw all the debris and all the trees down," said Underwood.

Several tall trees were split and knocked down to the ground on the property. Underwood said that she thinks a twister might have caused the damage.

"We think it was a tornado because some neighbors told us that it was like it hit here and it lifted up and it went over their house also they heard it," said Underwood.

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