ATLANTA -- Disclosure reports filed this week show that the Georgia World Congress Center Authority has generously distributed free football tickets to lawmakers in the last four months.

The GWCC gave out tickets valued at $9,630 since August, according to an 11Alive News analysis of disclosure reports. Reps. Virgil Fludd and Rahn Mayo attended three Falcons games with free tickets from the GWCC, according to the disclosure. Fludd's tickets were valued at $820, Mayo's at $984. Rep. Allen Peake attended the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic and the Falcons-Saints game, with tickets valued at $968.

The GWCC wants the legislature to approve use of the state hotel-motel tax to help build a new stadium. GWCC officials say the practice of distributing free tickets to lawmakers is longstanding and is not tied to the pursuit of a new stadium, which would be partially funded by state hotel-motel tax funds .

The disclosure was filed by Stephanie Carter Kindregan, who is registered with the state to lobby on behalf of the GWCC. Go here to read her report. Click "lobbyist report information," then click "view report" each month which says "expenditures reported."

By email, Peake told us he accepted tickets to the Chick fil A football classic in August to meet with the Georgia Dome's owners.

"They invited me to their booth to discuss the new Falcons stadium deal, so I would have a good understanding of what was being proposed. I took my wife, and my son and his wife."

He also accepted two tickets to a Falcons game, Peake said, and gave them to his son and daughter in law.

Houston County senator Ross Tolleson also accepted two tickets, worth $328 dollars.

He wrote, "These are legal activities and I attend one game a year."

Here's what 11ALIVE found since August 2012:

August 31, Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic tickets

Rep. Jay Neal - Value: $640

Rep. Allan Peake - Value: $640

September 17, Falcons - Broncos game tickets

Rep. Billy Mitchell - value $164

Rep. Delvis Dutton - value $164

Rep. Kevin Cooke - value $164

Rep. Rahn Mayo - value $328

Sen. Ross Tolleson - value $328

Rep. Virgil Fludd - value $164

September 30, Falcons - Panthers game tickets

Rep. Chuck Martin - value $328

Rep. Pat Gardner - value $328

Rep. Virgil Fludd - value $328

October 14, Falcons - Raiders game tickets

Rep. Brooks Coleman - value $164

Rep. Earl Ehrhart - value $164

Sen. Gloria Butler - value $164

Sen. Judson Hill - value $164

November 4, Falcons - Cowboys game tickets

Sen. Judson Hill - value $328

November 13, Champions Classic tickets

Rep. Buzz Brockway - value $180

November 18, Falcons - Cardinals game tickets

Rep. Rahn Mayo - value $328

Sen. Valencia Seay - value $328

November 29, Falcons - Saints game tickets

Rep. Allen Peake - value $328

Sen. Gloria Butler - value $328

Rep. Margaret Kaiser - value $328

Rep. Tommy Benton - value $328

Rep. Virgil Fludd - value $328

December 16, Falcons - Giants game tickets

Rep. Carl Rogers - value $492

Sen. Don Balfour - value $328

Sen. Fran Millar - value $328

Rep. Howard Maxwell - value $492

Rep. Ron Stephens - value $328

December 30, Falcons - Buccaneers tickets

Rep. Coach Williams - $328

Rep. Rahn Mayo - $328

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