Parents of students at Johnson County schools pulled their children out of school Tuesday, after rumors of a potential threat swept through the community.

Assistant Superintendent of Johnson County school Gary Price said there was a lot of "student chatter" regarding a threat phoned in Monday afternoon to the high school. Price said first of all, there was no such phone call but the school system wanted to be proactive about the situation.

Price said the school board asked for an increased law enforcement presence at the high school Tuesday. Usually, there is one resource officer on campus, but Tuesday there were five. Even Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling and Johnson County Sheriff Rusty Oxford were there early in the day.

Price also saidat noon Tuesday that about 80 students had been signed out from the elementary school, which has a total of 600 students.

Johnson County High Principal John Sharpe said about 40% of the student body from the middle and high schools signed out before lunch.

Sharpe said that except for the disruptions caused by all the early withdrawals, Tuesday was a normal school day at the middle and high school complex.

Assistant Superintendent Price said there will be a phone message and a letter to parents going home to calm any fears about the unsubstantiated threat.

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