The surprise started outside the classroom when Heidi Haley found out we picked her letter. So she followed us in for the big reveal.

Ms. Pam Gilbert, a 4th grade teacher at North Dodge Elementary in Eastman, is this week's My Teacher is Tops winner.

Her classroom was stunned into silence. Like her students, Ms. Gilbert didn't even see it coming.

"Halloween, I got tricked but it's a treat," says Ms. Gilbert as she laughs.

Ms. Gilbert teaches 4th grade science and reading using games, videos, and books.

She has been teaching for 22 years, 10 of those years at North Dodge Elementary.

"Ms. Gilbert is the best teacher that I have ever had," says Haley. "Even when we have a birthday, she wears an apron that lights up to let everyone know that someone in her class has a birthday that day."

"She helps us learn and if we don't get it she try to tell us in an easier way," adds student Samantha Yawn.

Some of her students say the best part of learning is when Ms. Gilbert uses the smart board. It's a screen that shows videos and interactive games.

"We can bring so much into our classroom from all over the world. Kids might not be able to go to places but we can bring those places to life through the smart board," says Ms. Gilbert.

Ms. Gilbert's creative way of teaching makes topics like phases of the moon and the earth's rotation fun.

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