We're just a couple days into a new year and nobody knows what it will bring.

But here are some things you can look forward to in 2013.

This month, students at Macon State and Middle Georgia College in Cochran will be attending a new school with a new name.

Last year, the state approved a merger of the two schools, and it should become final in January.

The new name: Middle Georgia State College. The new school will have campuses in Macon, Warner Robins, Cochran, Eastman and Dublin.

The schools will have more than 9,000 students.

Also this month, look for a celebration in downtown Forsyth, when the Grits Cafe reopens, less than nine months after a devastating fire.

Grits was an anchor of the town's restaurant scene. But it was a total loss after that March fire.

The owners still say the expect to open this month but haven't set an exact date.

There will be some news faces coming to Central Georgia institutions.

One of them will be at Fort Valley State, where president Larry Rivers is leaving after seven years.

He leaves at the end of June, and the school hopes that the new chief will be in place before the next school year.

2013 will be a big year for politics, at least in Houston and Bibb counties.

Warner Robins will elect a mayor, and we'll find out in August whether Chuck Shaheen will seek a second term.

One possible challenger: the man he beat in 2009, Chuck Chalk.

And this summer could be a political free-for-all in Macon and Bibb County, as people here pick a consolidated government.

The city and county merge in January 2014.

In November, voters countywide will pick nine county commissioners and a new mayor.

Candidates for the top job could include Macon Mayor Robert Reichert, Bibb County chairman Sam Hart and former Mayor C. Jack Ellis.

Romain Dallemand's Macon Miracle rolls on in 2013. That's his master plan for improving Bibb County schools. Parts of it are already in effect.

But Dallemand said he also want the district to start up a year-round school calendar, starting this August.

He hasn't provided details on the move, and the school board hasn't approved that calendar yet.

Also this fall, after 70 years, Mercer University asks: Are you ready for some football?

The Bears kick off their first football season since they let the program lapse at the start of World World II.

Their stadium is under construction on the Macon campus, and Coach Bobby Lamb plans to sign his second recruiting class this spring.

A new airline will be flying customers from Macon to Atlanta soon.Sea Port Air won a federal contract to run the subsidized service, which will cost taxpayers more than $1 million a year.

They originally planned to start up service back in November, but asked federal regulators for a delay. So far, no new date is set.

We'll know by April, if not sooner, if the Georgia State Fair will return to Macon.

The fair has run in Central City Park for more than a century.
Last year's fair was in April.

The Tennessee company that now owns the fair tried out a fall edition last fall in Hampton. But they said the spring fair will be back in this spring.

So far, there's no date on the company web site and we could not reach Universal Fairs for an update.

And finally, some good news if you're job hunting in Central Georgia.

Two companies will open their doors here in the coming year and hire hundreds of people.

Tractor Supply is building a new distribution center in Macon and plans to hire 200 people by the time they open in July.

A German auto-parts manufacture is building their plant off Willie Paulk Way in Dublin and expects to fire up the factory sometime this spring. They'll employ more than 170 people.

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