If you visit the VA Center in Dublin, you will find scattered throughout the hospital murals, pencil sketches and other artwork by Billy Morgan of Soperton.

He made about 50 pieces for the hospital and all of the work had a common theme of Georgian landscapes.

"The rural america the soul of the earth," said Morgan. "I don't care who you are or what you are if you look at a rural america scene you are going to get lost in it."

Morgan said he served in the Vietnam War in the navy for two years before he got injured. He said that he had trouble adjusting to civilian life and got help from the VA Center in Dublin.

"I come back here and got messed up on a bunch of stuff and started drinking then I came to the VA to get sober," said Morgan.

He said his faith in God and the art helped him heal.

"The psychiatrist helped me he said show me what you can do, so I painted the first mural on the wall," said Morgan.

He hopes those coming back from the front lines also get that same peace.

"When you look at the canvas you get lost in it and a lot of these veterans out here love them it gets them away from the tyranny of war in the mind," said Morgan.

Morgan retired from the VA Center, but he still makes art. He said he hopes that his story inspires others returning home.

"I don't care who you are or what you are, you can do things to bring yourself back to where you was," said Morgan.

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