Have you always dreamed of wading through swamps in search of 10-foot toothy monsters? Are you only emotionally attached to your limbs? Do you long for a job that puts your life in jeopardy?

If the answer is yes to these questions, you should consider a career in alligator trapping.

In all seriousness, the state's Department of Natural Resources issues trapping licenses to help keep the gator population in check.

And to keep the general public safe.

Greg Waters, the Georgia DNR's lead alligator biologist, says most of the time, alligators are best left alone.

"People are not supposed to feed them, that's illegal," Waters says. "That's what can bring a lot of problems about, when alligators start associating people with food and then they would start approaching people."

But while it is illegal to own, feed or shoot an alligator in Georgia, you can trap them.

To get permission to trap gators, you have to become a licensed nuisance alligator trapper with the state DNR. If you're a Georgia resident, it'll only cost you $30 a year.

Click here for an application.But hurry because the deadline to apply is July 31.

(Note: Not to bum out the pre-teens, but you have to be at least 12 to apply.)

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