People filled the Lauren's County Board of Education in support of the finance director, who's title was on the line.

After a lengthy executive session the board voted 3-2 to strip Tim Passmore's title as director of finance. He wasn't fired or demoted, just removed from his position after two and a half years on the job.

He told 13WMAZ he has no clue why they'd take him out. With petitions in hand, people from the community said they think he was punished for not supporting the building of two new schools.

"On June the 10th the board approved the 50 million dollar budget that I presented and it was bragged upon by the board chairman and talked about what a great job the finance department does here. And on June the 11th the very next day I was given a contract stating that I was the finance director. On June the 16th I was called into the superintendent office around 3 o'clock and he told me that I would be transferred because the board had lost confidence in my ability," said Passmore.

Stacey Brooks with parent teacher organization, said she thinks he was fired because of a vendetta. "He did not bow down to political pressure, he told the truth that our county could not afford two new schools, and right now he's being punished for that," said Brooks.

Passmore said whatever job they put him in he'll do it to the best of his ability. Superintendent Rob Johnson said Passmore is a valued employee, but he can't comment on personnel issues.

People were also upset about a policy that said to be able to speak at the board meeting, they must sign up five business days in advance and say what they plan to ask.

Johnson said when people address the board during meetings members aren't allowed to comment and that's why they want to talk to people ahead of time.

"So it's best they come and talk to us, and ask us the questions they need, and if they don't get a resolution, then they can go to the board and say I've gone to the superintendent, I've gone to the principal, they've asked the teacher, and I don't like the answer that I've gotten," said Johnson.

"You should at least give me the opportunity to know what the agenda is and what you're gonna vote on before I have to say what I'm gonna speak on," said Tyna Lord. "It's all because they want to silence us."

Johnson said it's not to restrict anyone and that the policy has been in place since 2007. He said it hasn't been enforced until recently because people weren't coming to board meetings.

Johnson added that administrators are looking at possibly changing the procedure.

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