The final day of competition came to a close at the Meadows National Gun Club's 19th turkey shoot.

The tournament lasted three days, with events for all levels of shooters, but themain event was the two hundred bird, two day sporting clays course. Shooters took aim at 200 targets at 20 different stations ranging in difficulty.

It's called a Turkey shoot, but live birds are notthe pray of these hunters. Instead, they take shots at bright orange clay discs, similar to frisbees.

"We have two different kinds of shooters here today," explained special events coordinator Chris Pittz. "We have our hunter class. These are the guys that shoot mainly for fun and then we also have our NSPA, our National Sporting Clays Association shooters who are registered shooters. These targets that they shoot today are actually scored and counted and they punch up and there's different classes in that league.

"Basically, it's whoever breaks the most targets wins the game."

Brandon Powell of Comer, Georgia was this years champion. He hit 191 of 200 targets, including 99 on the final day of competition.

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