A Forsyth couple's hobby is giving old homes new lives.

Veronica Kelley's dream house had sunken ceilings, no plumbing or electricity.

"All of that had been taken out because the houses were slated to be torn down," she says.

Wal-Mart bought the property that came with the three houses and was going to turn it into a parking lot. But the retail giant decided to donate the Pace, Kyte, and Miller homes to Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Kelley and her husband saved all three houses.

They renovated Pace first. It came with a price tag of $15,000.

Then it was Kyte's turn. They bought that house for $25,000. Both are now sold, but there's a special place for the Miller House.

The retired music teacher bought the one story fixer-upper for only $6,000 and moved in.

How much it takes to renovate only her husband knows.

"My husband does all that," she says. "It took several thousand."

The couple has flipped at least one home a year since the early 70's, leaving their mark in four different states.

It takes the couple about six to eight weeks to renovate a home.

The three Forsyth homes were built in 1875, 1905, and around 1914.

Georgia Trust releases a list of places in peril every year. That list is scheduled to come out in October.

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