The Monroe County Sheriff's office is investigating whether Forsyth mayor was receiving utilities without paying.

Forsyth's mayor, John Howard, went more than six months without paying his city utility bills.

That's according to city records that reporter Judy Le obtained Wednesday morning.

Records show that Howard made a utility payment in May then didn't make another until Monday, Nov. 25.

According to the records, he paid more than $1,800. That leaves a balance of about $145 dollars.

Howard was on the city cut-off list that was made on November 14th.

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But the word -- disregard -- was written next to his name and several others.

City officials told Judy Le that's supposed to mean that his water, and electricity should not be disconnected because he had made a payment.

But actually, he had not. Howard made that big payment a week and a half later.

That was after we filed an open records request for the city's cut-off list.

People are given five days to pay after missing a deadline before utilities are cut-off.

But records show he missed five payments since May and was not on the cut-off lists for those months.

According to the city's utility policy, that final cut-off list is reviewed by the mayor and the city clerk.

There are exceptions, like if there is a medical letter on file or if the customer made prior arrangements for payments.

Earlier this week, Forsyth's city council has asked for an investigation of their utility billing due to alleged irregularities.

They met with Mayor John Howard for nearly two hours Monday.

City records show that Howard's name was on a city shutoff list for Nov. 13, but that someone wrote "disregard" next to his name, along with several others. His utilities were not shut off that day.

We've tried to reach Mayor Howard. He has not returned our calls and is reportedly out of town today.

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